Detox is the system with which the body (physical, mental and spiritually) is cleansed of the toxins and waste accumulated over the years and the resources of the body is used efficiently to control life and to return the body to its natural balance.

  • Physical detox
  • Spiritual Detox
  • Mental Detox

Physical Detox – As part of the modern life, knowingly or unknowingly we overload our body, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the processed foods which we eat, the stress we go through create a toxic accumulation that we can’t easily get rid of. To avoid diseases, to maintain our youthful energy and looks for prolonged years requires that we get rid of this accumulated toxins.

Mental Detox – Our past experiences and information gathered through our senses are stored in our brains along with our emotions. Strategies emerging unwittingly of the content-free results of the past experience prevent the individuals from achieving their goals and might cause for the resources to be under utilized. These results which prevent resources from being utilized, increase resistance to change, create boundaries around new learning processes render the person incapable or hampered, just like viruses or bacteria present in the human body. Besides, it is possible to gain through the Mental detox process to gain awareness of these results, knowing or unknowing, and to remedy the effects of these results. Also, it is possible to learn through Mental Detox, how to learn information in the content-free model and what the attitude towards life could be and how to say no.

Five minute cleansing session – Each week set aside five minutes and write down all the negative thoughts which come to your mind. Then rip that paper and destroy it. Talk to yourself kindly and lovingly – Talk to yourself and unload the burdens which bother you. Clean your desk, wardrobe, car. Don’t do anything forcibly. Help others. Do yoga. Be thankful – Being thankful and grateful revives the human soul and fills the soul with positive feelings.

What is Spiritual Detox?

By a spiritual detox, your spirit will be lighter, you will feel more clean, content and comfortable, and you will focus more on your goals. By getting rid of negative emotions and thoughts, you can clear your mind and thus get rid of the spiritual burdens that put pressure on you. You can achieve this with a new branch of psychology, positive psychology. The only thing that positive psychology focuses on is helping people with mental clearing. Positive psychology helps people get rid of some of the judgments they form in their minds about events and situations that occur in their lives, and helps them get away from negative thoughts.

Three good things for a day: Every day for a week, try to write down the things that are going well in your life on a piece of paper with reasons. Using strong personality traits: Write down your personality traits that you think are strong (such as creativity or loyalty) and then try to use those traits in a different way each day.

Five-minute elimination session: Take five minutes each week and write down all the negative thoughts that come to your mind on a piece of paper. Then tear that paper and destroy it. Talk to yourself lovingly and kindly: Talk to yourself and let go of what’s making you unhappy. Clean your desk, wardrobe, car Do not do anything by force Help others Meditation, yoga Practice Gratitude: Gratitude and gratitude uplift the soul and fill it with positive emotions.