Generally the diseases which primarily cause pain and limitation of movement and sometimes swelling and disfiguration of the bones, muscles and the joints and ligaments which bond these structures are mcalled Rheumatism. Rheumatism is not a single unique disease, around 200 diseases are classified as such. Rheumatism of the joints (Osteoarthiritis, Romatoid Arthiritis, Acute Joint Rheumatism), soft tissue rheumatisms (Fibromyalgia, Neck Pain, Lower Back Pain), Osteoporosis and Spondyloarthropathies (ankylosing spondylitis, seronegative spondyloarthropathies) are the most frequently observed ones among these. For each patient with rheumatismal diseases, a personalized treatment plan must be created. Medicine and or treatment attempts which are helpful for some patients might not be the right ones for others. Physical therapy methods provide quite an effective way in the treatment of rheumatismal diseases. Among the techniques used in the treatment application of heat smart exercise tools with exercises suitable for the treatment of the individual and special massages.

Rehabilitation is medical science which is concerned about nearly all the things about the patient’s life.It’s a democratic, harmonic, questionable science based on the patient’s wellness with team work.To recap all kind of therapies which are applied to adapt gifted people to society are called rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is a longer period it may take years.

Massage : Basically it’s applied to help the circulation and to decrease the pain and muscular contraction (spasm). It’s mostly done with hands and sometimes with the mechanic devices and turbulent water.

Exercise :It’s the most applied treatment method. With this method the movements in the joints are increased or the muscles are moved under the control of the patient. The exercise is made under the control of the physiotherapist. Patients can continue doing their specific exercises by themselves when they are educated well. The exercises at which the patient doesn’t put effort in may be helpful on increasing the movement capability of the joint. When a muscle must be strengthened, the patients should do exercises and move their muscles. There are various types of exercise devices. Exercise treatment is used when there’s a situation restricting the movement ability of the joints, or in case of paralysis, and breathing disorders.

About Electrotherapy Units Used Equipment

Shortwave diaterma (High Frequency Currents)
Enraf Nonius Model Brand Curopuls 970: Discrete and continuous power at 1000 watt. Deep subcutaneous tissues are heated. Electromagnetic waves in the joints and muscles creates a deep heat. Tendon, joint, muscle fibers in the fibrous properties and elasticity properties of fibers can extend 5, 10 times can increase.

Model 490 and 590 of the Enraf Nonius Sonopuls Brand: discrete and continuous 1-3 mHz titled High and low-frequency sound waves the wavelength is a treatment modality. Be of sound waves in tissues with apsorbe heat energy will occur in deep tissue warming causes

Infrared, and paraffin Hotpack
Relax muscle pain resolves provides superficial heat increases blood circulation. Coldpack

Combined electrotherapy devices
Brand ENDOMED 582 ID 684 ENDOMED Enraf Nonius Model Sonopuls 692
Tens (Low and Medium Frequency Currents)
Interference (Intermediate Frequency Currents)