Physical therapy, sports, healthy eating and a positive psychology concepted individually are our main goals.


You Can Do What You Love,

You Can Experience What You Wonder,

You can strengthen your bond with life,

You Can Live Every Day To The Fullest,

Welcome to Ayka Vital Park Hotel



The right approach with our experienced and expert staff. Mental Health and Diseases Specialist, Cardiology Specialist, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Specialist, Clinical Psychologist, Family Counselor, Gerontologist, Physiotherapist, Nurse, Sports Instructor, Workshop Teacher.



Geriatric (Elderly) Rehabilitation,
Cardiac Rehabilitation,
Neurological Rehabilitation,
Orthopedic Rehabilitation,
Osteoporosis Treatment Program,
Pool exercise and
Treatment Programs,
Rehabilitation of Rheumatic Diseases,
Oncological Rehabilitation, Neck, Back, Waist and Joint Pain Treatment Programs, Ozone Therapy, Psychological Support and Counseling, Healthy Eating, Physical and Spiritual Detox

Hotel Comfort Accommodation

There are individual and group psychotherapy rooms, spa center, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, physiotherapy center, business workshops, beauty center, outdoor sports area, hobby gardens within the 350-bed center, which is in the comfort of a 5-star hotel.

The concept of concious aging was first  mentioned by the WHO (world health organisation) in the 1990s. It teaches us to accept ourselves as we age, live with a sense of purpose and accept and enjoy life at every stage.

Conscious aging is accepting the aging process and the fact that everyone is getting older. It also means not being part of a cultural myth of what certain age should be like, feel like or act like. The goal is to feel a balance between getting older and letting go the cultural beliefs of staying young forever.


You can have a peaceful, enjoyable and healthy holiday in Ayka Vital Park and at the same time receive your necessary treatments under the supervision of specialist medical doctors and qualified personnel.


Oktay Maliq Ayvaz
Oktay Maliq Ayvaz
Sekiz yillik bagimliydim, üc ay kaldim ve basarili gecti tedavim. Tavsiye ederim kesinlikle, önemli olan istemek ve dayanmak.
Elvan Yıldız
Elvan Yıldız
Doğa içerisinde Antalyanın yoğun nem sıcağından uzak huzurlu bir yer.Arkadaşlarımla zayıflama programına katıldık, bizi motive eden hem sağlık çalışanları ve otel ekibinden çok memnun kaldık.Çeşitli spor etkinlikleri, diyet yemekleri güleryüzlü çalışanlar eşliğinde programlarınızı tamamladık. sağlık kontrollerimizin titizlikle yapılması,hem doktorların hem çalışanların güzel ve itinalı yaklaşımı bizi iyi hissettirdi. Hem sağlıklı bir şekilde zayıfladık hemde doğanın mucizelerine tanık olduk, hiç ayrılmak istemedik.
Nülüfer Akpınar
Nülüfer Akpınar
Çok şahane bir yer psikolojik anlamda, fizik tedavi ve bağımlılık anlamında çok tecrübeli doktorlar mevcut. Doğsı çok güzel, hizmet muhteşem.
hanife eryigit
hanife eryigit
Harika, çok samimi, tam bir aile ortamı, tebrikler.

Ayka Vital Park is located in the forest in the Duacı Neighborhood, which is located in the city center of Antalya, which is the distinguished settlement center of Turkey. The humidity rate of our facility is 35% lower than the city center, and the oxygen rate is higher.

Healthy Living Tips

  • Eat Healthy

    Take care to consume natural foods. Increase consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits. Reduce sugar consumption, prefer Mediterranean type diet.

  • Consume Adequate Water

    Remember to drink 8 glasses of water a day. Your body is made up of 80% water, water is necessary for regular bowel function, optimal muscle performance, immunity and skin health.

  • Do Sports

    Sport; It is the general name of activities that are generally done with physical activity and that require physical ability and that are done for a purpose. Doing sports is a very beneficial activity for mental, spiritual and physical health.

  • Sleep Well

    There is a strong connection between sleep and the immune system. Seven to nine hours of sleep heals and strengthens your body while you sleep. Good sleep is essential for your physical and mental health.

  • Reduce Screen Time

    Prolonging the time spent in front of the screen increases the susceptibility to diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases and stroke.

  • Manage Your Emotions

    Prolonging the time spent in front of the screen increases the susceptibility to diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases and stroke.

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